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Doing sports is good for a person, but sometimes it can also go wrong.
Where there is sports, sports injuries occur. In most cases, the symptoms are gone within a few days, sometimes with a few weeks and sometimes they are still present after a few years.
Doing sports should ensure that you perform better in your life without pain, more relaxation, and more energy. You feel better, you look better, you can handle more both physically and mentally. That is the power of sports and exercise. However, if you have to work around aches and pains all the time. If your muscles and joints feel stiff, tight and painful despite all the training. You actually feel more tired instead of re-energized, you are probably doing something wrong and it is time to call for help. In case of a sports injury, Physiotherapy Leiden can give you good help and guidance to prevent the sports injury in the future.


In short, you can say that if the force that is placed on a certain tissue (muscle, tendon, ligament or bone) is higher than the maximum load capacity of that tissue, there is an overload.
A small regulated overload in, for example, a training is good. You actually need this overload to become stronger, faster and bigger.
If the overload becomes too great, the tissue cannot absorb the force and a trauma or injury occurs. This can cause minor microscopic injury (a strain), but also bigger injuries such as a whiplash, muscle tear, ligament rupture or even a bone fracture.


The most common sports injuries are knee and ankle injuries. These injuries can be found a lot in field football and running.
In fitness, on the other hand, in addition to knee injuries, you often see shoulder injuries and back / spine injuries.
The biggest predictor of injuries are previous injuries. So if you’ve ever sprained your ankle or injured your back, it’s significantly more likely to happen more often. Many people accept this, but that is not necessary. By specifically training the position in which you have been injured, you can ensure that the weak spot becomes a strong spot! We can help you with that! Sports Injury Physiotherapy Leiden.

Check out the sports care site. Here, many sports injuries are described in nice detail.


soccer sports injury


Sports injuries cannot be prevented 100%. Whether or not you suffer a sports injury depends on both internal and external factors. We have no influence on the external factors. An opponent that hits you, or you step in a hole in the ground which causes you to fall.
That does not alter the fact that there is a lot that you can do yourself to prevent sports injuries.


With a sports injury, there is often under recovery rather than overuse. People often want to go too fast, too hard and too heavy. As a result, your body does not get the opportunity to recover from the training.
To recover faster, there are several things you can do yourself:

  • Eat healthy Cliche but true.

  • Sleep more. In your sleep, your body recovers

  • Train your rotation. Rotation is essential for healthy joints. However, most exercises and machines in a gym are linear. Rotation also applies to all joints outside your spine. In the spine, train your bending and stretching.

  • Breathing exercises. Breathing exercises make you more relaxed. This way you can recover optimally. Your body must be in a relaxed state to be able to recover.

  • Heat/cold exposure. This helps to improve your circulation. A better blood flow ensures a better transport of nutrients and oxygen to your muscles and cells so that they can recover better.

By focusing on recovery and training smarter, you can achieve the same, or even better results. Often with fewer workouts.

If you have been training for a long time, or you have just started training, try to follow a personal training program with a reputable personal trainer. Here you will learn tools and skills that will help you train smarter and safer for the rest of your sports career. Do your homework. Choose a personal trainer that’s right for you. Physiotherapist Ramon Verdel works together with Renaldo Steinbach of The Self Made Club in Leiden. Renaldo gives personal training at a very high level of quality and with his pleasant manner he can give you a personal training program where you feel good and where you will quickly notice the results.


In case of sports injuries, we will first investigate what exactly is going on and whether there is something we can already do to provide relief. It is very important to get back to your normal movements as soon as possible. We will also look for the cause of your injury. If you fell and you have broken something, then the cause is fairly clear. But why do you suddenly suffer from a muscle while you have been doing the same sport for years? Maybe there is something in the kinetic chain that does not quite work as it should. This could have made you activate compensation mechanisms without knowing. We are experts in finding these compensation mechanisms and in solving them.

If you have any questions about your sports injury, please feel free to contact one of our therapists. Often we can already give you useful tips that immediately reduce your complaints.

Young man with neck pain and/or shoulder pain

Neck/Shoulder pain

Neck | Shoulder pain

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Back Pain

Back pain

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Nerve pain

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Upper leg / Hip

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Knee Pain

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Shin / Calf

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Ankle/foot pain

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Sports injuries

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