Moving pain-free again! Holistic physiotherapy in Leiden with Active Release Techniques.

Moving pain-free again. Holistic physiotherapy in Leiden with Active Release Techniques.

Ramon Verdel - Active Release Techniques expert


No more pain!

By combining the best techniques from around the world, better and lasting results!

Holistic physiotherapy in Leiden with Active Release Techniques

Paul van Pelt
Paul van Pelt
Vanwege mijn werk had ik op korte termijn een fysio nodig en via Google kwam ik uit bij Ramon. Bij hem kon ik online een afspraak maken (en dat was handig vanwege een nationale feestdag) en op korte termijn terecht. Ik ben effectief behandeld en zo goed als van mijn klachten af. Ramon luistert naar je en stemt zijn behandeling af op hetgeen je vertelt. De oefeningen die ik zelf thuis kon doen kreeg ik via email, met een duidelijke video-instructie of PDF, toegezonden. Ik ben tevreden en mocht het in de toekomst, onverhoopt, weer nodig zijn, kies ik voor Ramon.
Bas van der Does
Bas van der Does
Na bij verschillende fysiotherapeuten te zijn gwelinkerest, via via bij Ramon terecht gekomen, voor mijn knieproblemen. Hij heeft zich vervolgens vastgebeten in het ontrafelen van het probleem en d.m.v. een gerichte behandeling en het meegeven van oefeningen, ben ik nu pijnvrij en voelt mijn knie (en alles eromheen: lees heup, bovenbeen, onderbeen, hiel en voet) weer net zo als mijn rechterbeen. Ramon veel dank verschuldigd voor zijn tijd, energie en niet aflatende enthousiasme (en de small talk tijdens de behandelingen 😉). Ik kan hem van harte aanbevelen!
Nikki Heijstee
Nikki Heijstee
Ik ben door Ramon goed behandeld voor mijn heupproblemen en hier ben ik heel tevreden over.
Sebastian Ordoñez
Sebastian Ordoñez
Ramon had a holistic approach to my glute/hip/back problem, eliminating the pain in a few sessions. Totally recommend it!
Kees Vreeswijk
Kees Vreeswijk
Al een half jaar last met zitten, fietsen, niet meer kunnen tennissen. Gewone fysio hielp niet. De behandeling van Ramon was een verademing. Hij neemt de tijd, luistert goed en zoekt naar de oorzaak. Met zijn holistische manier van werken en zijn "gouden" handen weet hij ruimte te scheppen voor beknelde zenuwen en vastzittende spieren. Hulde en veel dank.
Dario Pinna
Dario Pinna
Mi sono rivolto a Ramon dopo avere fatto una serie di sessioni presso un altro fisioterapista, il quale non era riuscito a risolvere il mio problema. Soffrivo da più di sei mesi di un dolore quasi continuo al braccio sinistro, dalla spalla al mignolo della mano. Ramon è riuscito in 4-5 sessioni ad individuare il problema è risolverlo permanentemente! Ramon sa coniugare conoscenza e professionalità con un approccio molto personale e simpatico! Lo consiglio a tutti!
Paolo Iudicone
Paolo Iudicone
I received Ramón's contact from an Italian colleague. I am thrilled with the results. At the first session I already noticed a significant improvement in my cervical problem. At the second one I am experiencing a well-being that I haven't felt in years. I will continue with Ramón and I highly recommend him.
Ol blue
Ol blue
Ramon is a very knowledgable physio, able to focus on prevention as well as cure. I'd recommend for anyone who is into sports but suffering recurring injuries to visit Ramon for a detailed assessment and course of treatments.
I contacted Ramon because I had been having the same complaints on and off for several years (impingement in my hip, instability in my shoulder). I do CrossFit at a competitive level, so had tried all sorts of physical therapy, etc. before. Ramon took a very detailed medical history at the beginning. In each session he explained everything in detail and answered all my questions. He sent me additional exercises when necessary. As a sports scientist, I consider the exercises to be absolutely useful - not a 30-min boring exercise program, but effective 5 min of targeted exercise. Feasible for someone with a high training volume and intensity. The treatments have significantly alleviated the symptoms in a short time, now I am symptom-free. The price-performance ratio is also great. Ramon focuses more on whether the symptoms improve during the treatment session - and takes more time if necessary. Absolutely recommended!
Fadi Hammad
Fadi Hammad
Ramon is a very talented and professional physiotherapist. I have used him for numerous muscular and articular issues on my shoulders and my back and I have resolved them thanks also to the application of the innovative Active Release Technique. Highly recommended!

Holistic physical therapy?

The body is a complex mechanism where everything works together and affects each other. As a result, the cause of your symptoms may be in a different place in the body than the painful spot. By taking a holistic view of physical therapy, we trace the cause of your problem. We not only fix your symptoms but also make sure they don’t return by addressing the cause. To do this, we use the most effective methods, including Active Release Techniques. Not just exercises but proven effective hands-on treatments so you get the basics to move without problems.

Release adhesions - Physiotherapy Leiden


Not only “releasing” muscles, joints or nerves, but also “releasing” the habits that led to your injury.

Improve your health - Physiotherapy Leiden


We help you take more control over the way you move and live.

Injury prevention - Physiotherapy Leiden


Not only do you want to get rid of your injury, you don’t want another one! We help you continue to perform injury-free in your work, sports and life.

Active Release Techniques best in soft tissue manipulation - Physiotherapy Leiden

Tried everything but my problem is still not solved.

No one wants to be in pain and you have probably tried several things to fix it but unfortunately without the desired result.

Why should you try us?

Because we do things a little differently. With us, you are our focus. In addition, we use the latest proven effective techniques from around the world. We listen to you because jYou are the one who feels what you feel. Tell us and with our knowledge and experience we will create a treatment plan tailored and unique to your situation. Furthermore, we want to That you get rid of your symptoms permanently as soon as possible. We find
the underlying cause
of your symptoms.

Certified Active Release Techniques provider in Leiden

What is your complaint?

Is your shoulder bothering you? Tingling sensation in your fingers? Shooting pain in your thigh or buttock or have you suffered an injury while playing sports? Below you can find more information about different complaints.

If your complaint is not listed, please feel free to contact us via the contact form or send a WhatsApp.

Neck and shoulder pain - Physiohterapy Leiden

Neck/Shoulder pain

Neck | Shoulder pain

Back pain - Physiotherapy Leiden

Back Pain

Back pain

Nerve pain - Zenuwpijn - Physiotherapy Leiden

Nerve pain

Nerve | Pain

Carpal tunnel, wrist pain - Physiotherapy Leiden


Hand | Wrist | Elbow

Stress - Physiotherapy Leiden



Leg pain, hip pain, snapping hip, SI joint - Physiotherapy Leiden

Upper leg / Hip

Leg | Hip

Knee pain, runners knee, patella - Physiotherapy Leiden

Knee Pain

Knee pain

Shin splint, heel spur, Plantar fasciitis, physiotherapy Leiden

Shin / Calf

Shin | Calves

Ankle sprain, foot problem, Plantar fasciitis, broken toe, torn ankle ligament Leiden

Ankle/foot pain

Ankle | Foot pain

Sport injury, sportblessure, rehabilitation - Physiotherapy Leiden

Sports injuries

Sports | Injury

Our total approach

We look at you as a whole and examine the entire body to find out where your problem is coming from.

After all, the spot where your problem/pain is is just the tip of the iceberg; the end result of compensation over time. As a result, we must therefore look beyond just the site of the pain to resolve your symptoms.

How we work

We’ll get your joints and muscles moving properly again and give you exercises to do on your own. With our exercises, you can train at any time, without equipment. You can do this in any location such as your home, office or bathroom.

During the treatment process, we are always available to you for questions and/or support. At the end of the program, you will have the tools to keep your body fit and healthy by yourself and you won ‘t need us anymore!

We primarily work hands-on. This means we don’t send you straight into the exercise room to do exercises, but first we make sure your muscles and joints can function properly. If you have activated compensation mechanisms, we will fix them so that you have the basis for training responsibly without the risk of injury.

Physiotherapy Leiden – Active Release Techniques

Active Release Techniques (ART).

What is it and why are the results so spectacular

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