Holistic Physiotherapy in Leiden

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When booking on-line, you will immediately see the availability of the physiotherapist familiar with holistic physiotherapy in Leiden and you can check your calendar to see which date/time is most convenient for you.

Need help booking? Please feel free to send us a message via the contact form or WhatsApp and we will book an appointment for you.

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We work contract free. This means we do not work directly with your health insurer. The invoice will be sent to you after the treatment. Please check with your health insurer about the conditions of reimbursement.


Once you have booked an appointment through the on-line booking system you will receive a confirmation of your appointment via email. Furthermore, you will be given a login code to log into the portal. Here is an intake form for you. In this intake form you can clearly explain what is bothering you and also provide background information that can help the can get a good understanding of the situation. This intake form is certainly not mandatory but filling it out saves us a lot of time during the first appointment. The time saved will then be used for treatment. So more time for treatment.


Holistic physiotherapy in Leiden? That may sound a bit floaty but it certainly isn’t. Our holistic approach means that we don’t just look at the pain spot but look further for the cause of your problem. The human body is a fantastic system where everything works together. For example, the cause of pain in your back may just stem from a problem with your big toe. Because you may have broken your big toe once or your toe didn’t move properly, you may have created compensatory mechanisms that now cause you to have pain somewhere else in your body.